0–12 Months

Our Infant program nurtures active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts Infants use all five senses to explore their world. Throughout the day, teachers talk and sing with your baby during feeding, diapering, and playtime. Language and conversation are very important in the early stages of development. This interaction helps your baby begin to understand communication and social skills.
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1 to 2 Years Old

Everything in our toddler classroom is designed for little explorers. Our Toddler Program invites children to explore their classroom. Teachers engage in active play with children to promote learning. Toddlers love to move climbing, jumping, dancing! Teachers also provide materials and activities that interest children this age and help improve hand coordination, like scribbling with crayons and stacking toys. Teachers encourage children and help them express their feelings in positive, healthy ways.
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3 to 4 Years Old

This age is all about expression, when Children truly start to form their own ideas about their environment and how they want to create. Every day in our preschool classroom, children will explore science experiments, create artwork, and play dramatic play. All the social skills needed to transition to pre-k.
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5 Years Old

We prepare your children for Kindergarten Success. Kidds R Us pre-school program focuses on diversity. Children experiencing the world around them through exploratory play, literacy, and language. We embrace the education and development of each child and meet them where they are. We help to provide valuable resources to assist our parents in providing a loving, nurturing space filled with care where all children can learn and grow.
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School Age

Our Before & After school program focuses on keeping your children safe, active, and happy. We empower our children through a rich environment filled with culture and diversity. Children develop academic and social skills, foster character development, understanding of history and customs.  We plan activities around the interests of our children, allowing them to be active, engaged, and social.
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Program Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care, Second Edition is the only comprehensive, developmentally appropriate curriculum for family childcare. Now providers have a curriculum that promotes children’s development and learning and addresses the unique challenges of home-based early childhood educators.

Following the framework of The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos and The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, the two-volume Family Child Care edition leads family childcare providers through the process of building positive relationships with children and partnering with families. It includes objectives for children’s social-emotional, physical, oral language, and cognitive development and for their learning in the content areas (literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts). The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care helps providers plan activities intentionally and integrate learning for children birth to age 12.

Program Child Assessment Tool

Teaching Strategies GOLD is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing children from birth through kindergarten. It helps teachers to observe children in the context of everyday experiences, which is an effective way to learn what they know and can do.

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